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The Fort Allen Antique Farm Association, Inc. came into being as a result of the dedication of a few men to the restoration and preservation of antique farm equipment. Their aim was to educate current and future generations about the tools and methods their fathers and forefathers employed as they raised, clothed, nourished and educated their families. That aim remains primary for the Association today. Incorporated in 1966, the Association now boasts more than 400 members.

The Association members meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 P.M. Meetings are held at the Alwine Civic Center in the cold months and at the Club's Show Grounds during the warmer months. 

The Association features a "work day" every Wednesday at the Shields Farm, located in Delmont. Members are encouraged to participate in the various Association projects not only to help carry out the necessary work of the Association but also to more fully benefit from membership. (Lots of weighty problems are solved while members sit on milk crates and sip coffee!) Jobs are not assigned, but rather are chosen by each member according to special skills and interests of the participant.

We are very proud that the Association has purchased fifty acres of prime farm land at West Overton, (between Mount Pleasant and Scottdate on Route 819) adjacent to the highly acclaimed West Overton Museums. Construction of buildings, sheds and other necessary facilities is ongoing. While we retain our autonomy, our good friends at the West Overton Museums have been most generous in giving us their full support and cooperation, and we look forward to working in close association with the Museums on joint projects. "Work day" at West Overton begins at 6:00 P.M. on Thursdays.

In addition to general farm machines and equipment, the Association owns, operates and maintains a large cider press, a Frick "Eclipse" steam engine and a I 00 horsepower Cooper-Bessemer diesel engine, and is currently restoring a three cylinder Fairbanks-Morse stationary diesel engine. Much other machinery and equipment is either in operating condition or waits in the wings for restoration and operation. If you own a tractor and mower, there's plenty of real estate on which to exercise it at Delmont and/or West Overton!

Membership is open to anyone and everyone, male or female, young and old alike, who shares our love of and interest in antique farm equipment and methods. Dues currently stand at $12.00 per year for individuals or $15.00 per family. The Association participates in several major events each year, including our "Hammer in & Plow Days, "Flax Scutching" at Stahlstown, our "Olde Time Summer Fun Festival," "Fort Ligonier Days," and the "Apple 'n Arts Festival" at the Shields Farm in Delmont. -David Rotigel


Our club also houses a "one of a kind" Blacksmith Shop at the Scottdale grounds. Classes are every Thursday night, all are welcome to attend, just be sure to wear work clothes.

We're also adding to our buildings, come see! Lumber is currently being cut for the siding and it will be up shortly. All help is appreciated, so if you can use a hammer or hand out nails please come out and give a helping hand.

CLUB ADDRESS: 911 Porter Ave, Scottdale, PA 15683


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